SmartPro Screen-I CVD Tester Screen-I 泰国原装CVD/钻石检测仪

Item No.: TTIA0011

The smartest & fastest diamond tester in the world that designed for smart testing of natural earth-mined coloress diamond (D-J) type Ia, Ib from lab created or synthetic type IIa, IIb
/ Pieces

The ASSURE Program, a joint collaboration between the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) and Signet Jewelers, has developed a universal standard to test the performance of Diamond Verification Instruments in a consistent way, with the aim of protecting the integrity of the global jewelry supply chain. The instruments are rigorously tested in a transparent manner against a unique common sample and standard.

The ASSURE Program partnered with 11 manufacturers representing the 18 most widely available Diamond Verification Instruments in the market. These instruments were submitted for testing to third-party laboratory UL and a Technical Committee comprising leading scientists and academics from major gemological organisations.

Adequate detection and screen processes using Diamond Verification Instruments are one of the key tools in safeguarding operations from undisclosed laboratory-grown diamonds . Through the ASSURE directory, trade participants can access objectives and learn about how to ensure pipeline integrity using Diamond Verification Instruments.

Each instrument is tested on the ASSURE Core Sample, a highly contaminated sample made up of 1,000 mined diamonds and 200 laboratory-grown diamonds including very challenging laboratory-grown diamonds, some of which are not yet available in the market.

Screen-I is a portable diamond verification instrument for loose and mounted diamonds. Screen-I is designed to separate natural diamonds from synthetic diamonds. Screen-I is manually operated but gives an automatic test result. Screen-I is suitable for an environment where you need to test both loose and mounted diamonds e.g. retailers, manufacturers, pawnbrokers, appraisers, gemmologist and hobbyists.



  • Can screen earth mine colorless diamond (Color D to J) Type Ia, Ib from Lab created diamond
    HPHT / CVD (Type IIa).
  • Can test from 0.01 ct. up to 12 ct.
  • Capable in checking the mounted stones (mounted jewellery with under hole only).
  • Result Indicating by bright LED lights with sounds.
  • Ready LED indicator.
  • Low Battery Indicator.
  • Smart Touch Test Switch.
  • New technology LED light source with high efficiency and mercury-free.

Operating Conditions

  • Operating temperature: 32°F and 95°F (0°C and 35°C)
  • Storage temperature: -4°F and 113°F (-20°C and 45°C).

Dimensions and Weight

  • Length: 125.62 mm. (4.9 inches)
  • Width: 76.05 mm. (2.9 inches)
  • Height: 65.15 mm. (2.5 inches)
  • Weight: 174.72 g. (Without Battery)

Technical Specifications

  • Laser Target Pointer.
  • Auto Testing Function.
  • No warm up time before testing.
  • Automatic Power OFF (after 5 minute inactive).
  • Super battery life saver.
  • Powered by Micro USB or 4 x AAA batteries.
  • Through its micro USB port can connect to USB port on a computer or any standard USB adapter with 5V DC power output.
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