Smartpro Diamond/Synthetic CVD tester OPTIMUM-ISmartpro CVD检测仪

Item No.: TTIA0034
Optimum 1 handheld diamond multi-tester for identifying between Natural Diamond, CVD/HPHT, all types of Moissanite, various shapes.
/ Pieces

The very first and unique handheld Diamond Multi-
Tester using a special UV LED with fiber optic technology. Designed to

identify Natural Diamond, CVD/HPHT, all types of Moissanite,
various shapes and carat weight from 0.015 to 10 ct. for polished
diamonds colourless to faint (D–M), loose diamonds or mounted stones.

Features & Advantages:
 Torch mode available for diamond fluorescent test
 Buzzer sound indicator
 Auto testing function
 Display by 2.4″ colourful touch LCD
 LED light source mercury-free
 Capable in checking D to M colour of loose and mounted diamonds
in jewelry with or without under hole
 Right and left hand user friendly
 User friendly touch screen
 No warm up time before testing
 Powered by USB adaptor or power bank

◆Screens Colorless to Faint Colored Stones (D-M)
◆ Capable of screening stones as small as 0.015ct up to 10ct
◆ Set for right-handed or left-handed use
◆ No waiting time between tests
◆ Nearly instant results

powered by a 100-240V USB Adapter (included).
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