Hailae Air Compressor

Electro-magnetc air pump. High volume, low pressure. Non-oil lubricating design
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The case is made of high-quality ZL 102 aluminum alloy with streamline design, heat-dissipation is more effective.Driven by electrical magnetic motor,adopt straight-line reciprocal motion to produce air and more reasonable in structure Adopt SF3 new type wearable material for the cylinder and piston,which is of low power consumption,large air output and high air pressure.Non-oil lubricating design, the compressed air is purified. 






Item NO. Power 功率 Voltage 电压/ Frequency 频率 Pressure 压力 Output 排气量 Noise 噪音 Wight 重量 Dimension外观尺寸
ACDB0001 35W 220V/50hz 0.025Mpa 70 L / min <60 db 1.65kg 182*95*116mm
ACDB0002 45W 220V/50hz  0.025Mpa   70 L / min   <60 db  1.8kg 182*95*116mm
ACDB0003 85W 220V/50hz  0.035Mpa   90 L / min   <60 db  3.3kg 232*120*148mm
ACDB0004 135W 220V/50hz  0.04Mpa   125 L / min   <60 db  4.7kg 280*147*170mm
ACDB0005 380W 220V/50hz 0.04Mpa  250 L / min   <60 db  6.5kg 310*155*189mm
ACDB0006 500W 220V/50hz 0.04Mpa  280 L / min   <60 db  8.6kg 337*171*202mm
Item codes
35W=Item code:ACDB0001
45W=Item code:ACDB0002
85W=Item code:ACDB0003
135W=Item code :ACDB0004
380W=Item code:ACDB0005
500W= Item coe:ACDB0006
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