Gold/Platinum Tester MZ-K300 300g/0.01 水比重测金仪

Item No.: TTIA0033
/ Pieces


According Archimedean principle of buoyancy method

Features and Functions:

1. Just two simple steps,the purity of precious metals and gold karat can be showed rapidly and accurately.No stains and scratches left on gold after testing. Needn't use the sulfuric acid solution to test the standard samples.

2.The gold K number and density, platinum Pt value and density can be accurately measured in only 5 seconds.Directly and circularly show the gold karat (including gold-cop.per-silver, gold-silver, gold-copper), gold purity%(including gold-copper-silver, gold-silver, gold-copper) .

3.More intuitive and more rapid to identify gold authenticity. It adopt special software design according to market demand which enable users to  set the upper and lower limits of K number and Pt value.When the K value of testing gold  is more than 24K, the instrument will display HI. When K value less than 12K, LO is displayed.

4. With the mixture proportion function, it can test other precious metals, such as: platinum, silver, palladium, copper, rhodium...and so on

5.Adopting a light and thin stainless steel can reduce the error caused by the buoyancy of the wire. 

6. Adopting the design of big tank, it can decrease the inaccuracy caused by supporting wire's buoyancy

7. Only applicable to solid metal sample which can be inlayed with gem stones . It can also be used as a precision electronic balance.


Step 1:

Place gold on test board to measure weight in air,and then press MEMORY key button to memory.


Step 2:

Place the gold into water to measure weight in water,and then press MEMORY key button to memory. Density value is displayed.


Value showed:

CS.:Gold karat(unit:k)

Press MENU key



Press MENU key agian



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