Alfa Mirage® SANDING RUBBER SABITO-RU 日本金属表面清洁磨砂橡胶橡皮擦

Item No.: WRBB00099
粗砂304-410  #46 (ROUGH) 40g/ 65x40×10mm
/ Pieces
item code:304-412
Model (Grit) = #320 (Fine)

item code:304-411
Model (Grit) = #120 (Medium)

item code:304-410
Model (Grit) = #46 (Rough)

Weight / Dimensions = 40 g / 65 x 40 ?~ 10 mm

Making satin finish surface by rubbing off like eraser. Also, can be remove dirt or make surface smooth with abrasive sanding rubber. Used widely in watch and jewelry market as well as home cleaning appliance.
Made in Japan
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